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Coastal Cranes – Our Cranes are based in Albany


The premises of Coastal Cranes is located at 21 Stirling Street in Albany, Western Australia. We are situated only 3 kilometres from the town centre and port. The depot was purpose built in 2001 to include a fully enclosed workshop with secure undercover parking for all vehicles and cranes. It has been designed with the aim of keeping the crane fleet serviced and maintained to high standard. The intention being to keep safety our highest priority, as well as minimize downtime on the job.  


It is important that the crane we provide will do the job that you require. Coastal Cranes has a fleet which includes Franna cranes, ranging from 20 to 25tonnes and mobile slewing cranes, ranging from 55 to 100tonnes. All cranes are inspected annually by accredited inspectors to ensure the national safety standard is maintained. By making safety our priority, you can be sure when you hire a crane from Coastal Cranes, it is well maintained and tested regularly against strict safety standards. 

20tonne Franna

20tonne Franna

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 20tonne at 1.4metre radius
  • Main Boom Length: 17.9metres
  • Crane Length: 9.7metres
  • Crane Width: 2.5metres
  • Crane Height: 3.07metres
  • Front Axle Weight: 8tonne
  • Rear Axle Weight: 11.5tonne
  • Total Weight: 19.5tonne
  • Travel Speed: 90kms/hr
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25Tonne Franna

25Tonne Franna

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 25tonne at 1.4metre radius
  • Main Boom Length: 18.4metres
  • Crane Length: 9.985metres
  • Crane Width: 2.72metres
  • Crane Height: 3.075metres
  • Front Axle Weight: 11.9tonne
  • Rear Axle Weight: 12tonne
  • Total Weight: 23.9tonne
  • Travel Speed: 80kms/hr
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55tonne Liebherr LTM1055-3.2

55tonne Liebherr LTM1055-3.2

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 55tonne at 2.5metres radius
  • Main Boom Length: 40metres
  • Fly Jib Length: 16metres
  • Maximum Counterweight: 12tonne
  • Road Transport Weight: 36tonne
  • Crane Length: 11.6metres
  • Crane Width: 2.7metres
  • Crane Height: 3.75metres
  • Travel Speed: 80kms/hr
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100tonne Liebherr LTM1100/2

100tonne Liebherr LTM1100/2

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 100tonne at 2.7metres radius
  • Main Boom Length: 52metres
  • Fly Jib Length: 19metres
  • Maximum Counterweight: 35tonne
  • Road Transport Weight: 60tonne
  • Crane Length: 13.63metres
  • Crane Width: 2.75metres
  • Crane Height: 4metres
  • Travel Speed: 80kms/hr
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